Calypso Preview

Starting on the first of September, we will have a new RPG thread based on the fourth episode of Ulysses. For those of you new to the episode, below is a summary and a list of resources:

The fourth episode of Ulysses starts over again. This time, instead of Stephen Dedalus, we meet Mr Leopold Bloom, and we meet him as he prepares breakfast. He converses with a cat and gives her milk. He offers breakfast to his wife, Molly, who is still in bed. Bloom heads for the butcher’s shop, where he buys the last pork kidney. He glances at a letter from his daughter, Milly, and gives his wife a letter from Blazes Boylan. Following a conversation with his wife, Bloom repairs to the lavatory where he reads a story from Titbits. After he finishes, a ringing bell reminds him of Dignam’s funeral, scheduled for that day.


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