Nestor RPG Thread

Hockey has ended. The students have a chance to talk among themselves. Maybe they discuss their game, or the strange riddle their strange teacher just told them. Maybe they talk about the weather, or something else entirely.

Available characters:

  • Cochrane, who couldn’t remember where the Battle of Asculum took place and is the first to tell Stephen they give up on answering his riddle.
  • Armstrong, who was eating fig rolls and identified Pyrrhus as a pier.
  • Comyn, who wanted Stephen to ask him about Pyrrhus instead and who questioned Stephen’s definition of a pier as a disappointed bridge.
  • Talbot, the “swarthy boy” who stumbled while reciting Lycidas.
  • Cyril Sargent, a bespectacled boy with “tangled hair and scraggy neck” who had to approach Stephen after class for help with his math lesson.
  • Halliday, whose name only comes up when his being on the same side as Cochrane for hockey causes problems.
  • And any others you might come up with.

How to play:

You can use *as character* to designate that you are speaking as a character or use any other method that makes it clear. See the Telemachus RPG Thread for examples.