Schedule of Upcoming Events

This MOOCow is about to start running instead of walking. Here’s where you can expect it to stop and ruminate (though the schedule may change):

  • May 17: An Interview with Molly Bloom
  • June 1: The first full roleplay event, based on Telemachus (Episode 1), with events based on later episodes to follow, in order, every month thereafter. For the Telemachus roleplay, I’m thinking we can follow events at the Martello Tower after Stephen leaves, but I would love to hear other ideas (and ideas for other episodes).

How to Participate

Playing a part in an interview or roleplay is simple. To speak or act as a character, simply include *as CHARACTER* at the start of a comment. You can see how this works in practice in the interview with Leopold Bloom (and ask him more questions if you’d like).