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To be printed and bound at the Druiddrum press; a Press Release


We are moving towards a more “launched” site! And so for those desperate for a press release – here you go!

At the beginning of Ulysses there is a Martello Tower – a little fort built throughtout the British Empire during the French Revolutionary Wars. Later in the opening section of Ulysses, Stephen Dedalus walks along a beach towards a lighthouse overlooking Dublin harbour.

This movement, from defensive position to education and illumination is how we see and hope Open Joyce will work. Started originally as a small series of visualisation tools, once presented at the main James Joyce Conference in 2012 it became apparent that there was a demand for more tools to help advance research into Joyce.

However, this original group of three wasn’t an accurate representation of the wider Joycean community. How could we dynamically create a space where people could network, research, learn and explore the works of James Joyce. Rather than the defensive tower, somewhat static in nature, we opted for the lighthouse; broadcasting and reaching out to people for collaboration, inspiration and help.

OpenJoyce has visualisation tools for each of Joyce’s major works, as well as interactive texts, concordancers and N-Gram intertextuality tools. We’ve also set up community fora and the beginnings of several specifically educational spaces.

We hope with OpenJoyce to explore taking open forward both as a concept and as a culture.

Please do get in touch with ideas, feedback, suggestions, requests, rare manuscripts….