Riverrun…… an Introduction

OpenJoyce : An Introduction from Open Joyce on Vimeo.

OpenJoyce is a web resource with teaching, research, and networking tools for exploring the life and works of James Joyce. It is free for you to use right now. We have created a number of visualisations, some interactive texts, and even concordancers for you to play around with. More research tools, more courses, more puzzles, challenges, and open data are on the way.

While we need to be open for you, we also need to be open to you and your ideas. We’ve always worked openly as a group, and we decided the best approach to that was to take our work online and to make it freely available. So let us know what you like and your experience of using OpenJoyce! You can get involved- by using the site, telling people about the site, or suggesting ideas for the site

The project started about a year ago during a random conversation about word patterns in Ulysses. Conscious that there wasn’t a huge amount of open materials on Joyce out there, we started working to make visualisations that might help make Joyce more interesting to students––more accessible––but also be of use to researchers and teachers alike.

After these first developments, the humble club of two––please don’t call us founders––became a trio, possible gang of four. Following a high powered conference / trip to a pub we started to move towards a more ambitious conception of the project. We are now in the process of developing a broader set of tools, and have some bigger ideas on the way for what we could achieve.