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A collection of resoures and a community around the author James Joyce.

Introductory video

OpenJoyce : An Introduction from Open Joyce on Vimeo.


Open Joyce is primarily a community of people - and the community has fora and groups working with and learning from each other. Anyone can join and get involved.

Why not start by introducing yourself or joining a discussion on a book


We've got a series of visualisations available for each book and we've made each book interactive. As well as this there are some visualisations based around Circe available too.

If you are interested in these visualisations, please join the community to chat more

Research tools

Open Joyce is as much about learning as it is about researching and making new Joycean discoveries. For people keen to research we have concordancers, before and after tools and tools for researching intertextuality and word patterns in Joyce's work.

You could also join the research community.

Teaching and Learning

We'd love to get more content on the site and use the site to start to create educational spaces for people to use - like courses but with none of the bureacracy. We'll have something like this running soon, but in the mean time join the teaching community.

Open / Free / Copyright

As much as possible eveything in this site is either public domain or Creative Commons Attribution licensed - and if this means nothing to you - basically please reuse, remix, repurpose, take, steal, beg, borrow or grab anything you find here and reuse it. We'd love you to do so, and we'd love it if you did, and we'd love it if you told us.

We are also Open as community to new ideas, suggestions, requests, potential, contributions I.E ANYTHING! Please see the Ideas and Suggestions community.

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